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Design concepts resonating your values and emotions.

Who we are

Pure Line Design is a premium Interior Design company.

Its founder, Perrine Jarrault, started her design business in Vietnam back in 2005, and since this date has seen it expand across numerous Asian countries from South Korea to India.

Perrine’s diverse interior design projects reflect her ability to bridge Western and Asian cultures incorporating a playful attitude towards the past, the present and the future. Her unique style incorporates a refined French touch with clear, pure lines as well as light tones which brings subtle and elegant hues to her design creations.

Passionate about Yoga and Feng Shui, Perrine constantly looks for well-balanced energies in her orientations, colors and artifacts and thus transforms the living or working space of her trustful clients into an appealing, enjoyable area of well-being, which best resonates their own values and emotions.

Perrine has momentarily settled in Bangalore, South India, where she works along with the full support of her architect partner based in Kuala Lumpur and with an extensive sourcing network of fabrics, furniture and art collection across Asia.

Our Mission

Every relationship begins with Trust. This is the foundation upon which we operate. We are guided by our clients needs and what is best for them.

Our aim is to translate and express the core values and aspirations of our private or corporate clients into our Interior Design projects with an elegant, yet understated touch.

We appreciate that each client is unique and every need is different. Therefore we create an exclusive solution with a tailored approach towards each individual, something which we feel really sets us apart.

Our creative design process is not a standard “one size fits all” approach, but a continuous differentiation pursuit of unique and strong design concepts which exceed our diverse clients’ expectations.

Our goal is to offer the most suitable up to date design for our clients whilst complying with their functional, budgetary and time constraints.

Our motto is follow your heart, honor your own taste, surround yourself with what you love.

A home or an office is more than a shelter or a working place, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually.

What We Do

Our lean and versatile design creation process, combined with solid knowledge and expertise acquired over the years and various countries in which we have worked, has allowed us to achieve and satisfy any type of Interior Design project.

We provide full design services for residential, commercial, institutional and hospitality spaces.

We create design concepts and turn them into realisations following three key steps:

– Design analysis: the client is key in the design process initiation and a detailed brief is essential for the success of the project

– Lay out proposal with “look and feel”: we provide artists impressions, sketches and mood boards as well as material samples to enable us to agree on design, budget and timeline

– Project implementation: we manage the smooth development of the project, including the sourcing of furniture, acoustics, lighting, Hi Fi, video, AC

In addition to the orientation, spatial arrangements and light, we care about the selection of paintings, artifacts and art pieces surrounding our client to maximise the flow of energy for their well-being and happiness.